December 2017
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Brewday 35: Bitter Thrashers Fan IPA

The "Lil Sparky" Hop Strainer

With an announcement due any day on the impending move of the Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg, I decided, as a Thrashers fan, to brew a bitter beer to commemorate the occasion. I figured a really hoppy IPA would do the trick, so I threw together a recipe that […]

Brewday 34: Lake Walk Pale Ale

The Redneck Brutus 10 Clone

After a seven month hiatus from brewing (man, time flies), I finally carved out a day to not only brew, but to break in the new brew system.  After weeks of tweaking and testing and stressing, it was finally time to just get out there and do it.  […]

Three Posts for the Price of One

It’s been a crazy few weeks here and, as you can tell, time to sit at the computer and try to string together coherent thoughts has been in short supply.  So, here’s a condensed recap of what’s been going on…

Terrapin Side Project 13 – Big Daddy Vladdy's

Now I know I tend […]

Time For More Mad Science

As you may have surmised, there hasn’t been a whole lot of brewing going on lately.  There are two reasons for this sad fact, truth be told.  First, I’m stocked up.  All but two kegs are full, which leaves four kegs that I can’t even put on tap yet.  Secondly, I’ve been working on […]

I’m such a dork…

What happens when you mix a computer geek with a dangerously small amount of coding experience, an old camera, an old PC, and a few pints of homebrew?  Why, you get the Fermentocam!  Or was it the “Fermentation Camera of Doom”?  Or the “NSFW Yeast Peep Show Cam”?


I bought an old (and […]

Brewday 31 – Janet’s Brown Ale

Ever have one of those days where everything just clicks?  Today was finally one of those days.

After struggling with the new burner for several brewdays, I unbolted the burner from the windscreen, flipped over the stand and, using the bolts in the burner, put the burner on the bottom of the windscreen.  This […]

Got Yeast?

If you frequent any homebrewing forums or have any friends new to brewing, there are several topics that come up almost daily.  I’ll give a blanket answer to the first question… No, your beer is probably not infected.  Yes, when it’s fermenting it should have all that ugly bubbly gunk on top.  Yes, it will sink and go away for the most part.  Now get your head out of the bucket.

The other questions usually revolve around fermentation and yeast.  “It’s been 24 hours and my airlock isn’t bubbling yet.  Why?”  “I used a four month old vial of yeast that UPS left on my porch in the 110 degree heat and now my fermentation has stalled at 1.020.  What do I do?”  “Do I need to make a yeast starter?  If so, how do I do it?”  And finally, “What things can I do to make better beer?”

I’ve been there.  The nervous newbie who got a kit from the homebrew shop and read the instructions, took my vial of yeast, warmed it up to room temps and dumped it straight into the bucket.  I’m not here to say that you can’t do that, because you can do that and make decent beer.  I’ve done it a couple times in the past and I know of plenty of people who do that every day.  Is it beer?  Sure.  Could that beer be better with a small investment in some equipment and time?  Absolutely.

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Meet Kegerator 2.0

Kegerator 2.0

So here it is, Kegerator 2.0.

I spent last night doing gas leak checks and putting the beer lines together and finally pushed through to the finish.  As you can see I took Tom’s advice and painted the keg shelf.  It gives it a more finished look and will hopefully prevent […]

Project Time Again

The KoD-to-be

Big time domestic goings on here in the woods recently.  Our microwave was making noises that it definitely should not make and our dishwasher was acting more like a old-food-crustifier, so we decided it was time to suck it up and replace all of our kitchen appliances.  Now, normally this is […]

Some Brewday News Too

(Sorry, had to break this up into two posts – goofy picture gallery is, well, goofy.)

Tom and David brewing up some Irish Red

Next up are a couple of brew days that I failed to document.  The first was on July 3rd, when Tom and David, a couple of friends that I […]