September 2009
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Highland Brewing Gaelic Ale

Well, it is Saturday night and I am watching the Sprint Cup race, so it’s only natural that I don’t stop with just one beer, even if I choose not to drink the mass-market swill that the folks at NASCAR would rather have me drinking.

Gaelic Ale from Highland Brewing (Ashville, NC)

So […]

Stillwater Vanilla Cream Ale

Alright, I’ll admit that I am no BCJP judge by any stretch of the imagination, but I get asked all the time by friends and family members about different beers.  “Would I like … ?” “What do you think about … ?”  So, as I like to try lots of different beers from […]

Nothing like a good IPA

I figure if I’m going to start talking about my obsession with beer, I may as well start with my own.  After all, what else is a blog but a means for someone to toot their own horn?

Here’s a shot of one of the latest beers to be brewed here at the […]

I love bulk hops…

Just finished repackaging a pound of German Northern Brewer hops from Hops Direct.  I can’t decide if it’s the feeling of having a stash of hops on hand so I can brew when I want, the fact that bulk hops are about half of what I’d pay at the local home brew shop, or […]

OK, so here we go…

If you’ve stumbled here expecting a massive amount of wisdom regarding all things beer, well, you’ll just have to wait.

What you may find here in the future may include (but certainly not limited to) my thoughts on different beers, places to drink beer, people who make beer, thoughts (possibly incoherent!) had while drinking […]