November 2009
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On sale now!

Some decent homebrewing related sales going on today and thought I’d share:

Brewmasters Warehouse is taking 12% off all purchases made until midnight ET tonight (11/30/09) – enter the code CYBERMON during checkout.

Keg Connection is running a sale on a bunch of stuff – CO2 tanks, corny kegs and other assorted and sundry […]

Still obsessing, not drinking

Huh?  Let me explain.

I woke up with pain in the joint of my big toe last Sunday.  Didn’t think too much of it and went about my day and as the day progressed the pain subsided and all was right with the world.

Woke up Monday morning with the same pain in the […]

Sad day

Finally had to suck it up and just do it today…had to dump some old beer. Some of it was old, some was over-carbonated and all of it was basically undrinkable. It was still sad knowing the hours of work that went into brewing each batch and the waiting involved.

How much beer got […]

Bottles be gone!

The days of bottling beer only to be disappointed with too much or too little carbonation are over.  Introducing the new ghetto kegorator!

I grew tired of washing and sanitizing four or five dozen bottles everytime a beer finished fermenting, so it was only natural that I whine and plead and beg until my […]

Stupid Computers...

Me again…

Well, I finally gave Moveable Type the ol’ heave-ho.  I just had too many issues with it not letting me enter text into posts and if I managed to get text into a post I couldn’t edit it.  I’m sure they’re wonderful people and their software is excellent and I’m just an […]