March 2010
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Just had to share this one.

Just wait for it…

Sierra 30 - Fritz & Ken's Ale

Sierra 30 – Fritz & Ken's Ale

Ok, here it is, the review that all one of you that follow the blog have been waiting all day for.  (C’mon, self-deprecating humor is the only humor I know.)

Finally got home and popped the cork on the Sierra 30 Stout.  And just damn, this […]

Beer score!

Decided to hit one of the local bottle shops at lunch today in search of Sierra Nevada’s 30th Anniversary series. They had just received their one and only case of this limited release so I snagged three bottles for safe keeping. Not sure who was more excited, me or the folks behind the counter.


Brew Day 26

Twenty-four pounds of grain

Yesterday was brewday.  Actually, Saturday was supposed to be brewday, but the weather was just way too nice, so Amy and I scouted out areas on our property where we could build a deck/firepit area (gotta have somewhere to drink the beers, no?).  I had big plans to take […]

OK, OK, just one more thing...

The bomber shelf

(I just realized that if you’re reading this in reverse chronological order you’re probably scratching your head and thinking “WTF?”)

Just finished the next set of shelves and got them mounted and the bottles roughly arranged.  Blasted Sierra Nevada bottles threw off the arrangement.  Oddly, that’s all of my normally […]

One other thing!

To the guys who keep finding my site while looking for a clone recipe for Terrapin’s Hopsecutioner IPA:  Sorry, ain’t got one.  If you find one though, feel free to pass it along. 🙂

Also as a follow-up, the Terrapin Rye Pale Ale clone recipe that I brewed a month or so ago is […]

Movin’ on up…

…to ten gallon batches.


Meet the “keggle”.  It’s a keg, it’s a kettle, get it?  Keggle?

And before you get your panties all in a wad and start screaming how keeping kegs is stealing and stealing is bad and I’m going to hell and all that jazz, let me say that this […]

Craft brewers gain momentum

Every year the Brewers Association posts the sales figures for the Craft Brewing industry as well as a comparison to the figures of all beer sold in the US.  Overall, beer sales were down in 2009, down roughly 5 million barrels from 2008.  However, craft beer sales were up, with a 10.3% increase in […]

Rogue John John Dead Guy Ale

Rogue John John Ale

I can’t remember when exactly I became a beer geek (or snob, as some may label me), but I’ve always been somewhat adventurous when it comes to trying new beers.  Granted, my early adventures back in the early 1990’s were uneducated trips into the unknown for the most part […]

Combining two pastimes

Obviously, I really enjoy anything beer related.  I also enjoy woodworking.  Generally speaking, these are two hobbies best not enjoyed at the same time — something about messing with sharp, pointy, spinning things while even slightly impaired is a bad idea.

One of my “problems” is that I like to collect bottles.  To keep […]