May 2010
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Currently On Tap

  • Lake Walk Pale Ale
  • EdWort's Robust Porter
  • Slightly Self-Deprecating Ale
  • Pacifica Hefe
  • Bitter Thrashers Fan IPA
  • English IPA

  • New Holland Dragon's Milk

    New Holland Dragon's Milk

    On my last road trip to South Carolina, I picked up a couple bombers of beer from breweries that, for some reason, don’t distribute to Georgia.  I had heard of Dragon’s Milk, but had never seen it nor did I have any real inkling of what was inside the [...]

    Terrapin Monk's Revenge

    Terrapin Monk's Revenge

    This could almost be subtitled “The Bromance Continues”.

    So, what do you get when you take the funk from a Belgian Tripel and toss in a cubic ass-ton of hops?  Meet Terrapin Monk’s Revenge.  Funky and hoppy can indeed co-exist.

    Monk’s Revenge was originally offered as Side Project #5 early [...]

    Sweetwater Sch’wheat

    Sweetwater Sch'wheat

    In sort of an odd mood tonight, so perhaps I should warn everyone to take this all with a grain of salt.

    I’m normally all excited when I get my hands on a new release from any brewery, especially a local brewery, but for some reason this beer started off wrong [...]

    Home sweet home...

    I just got home from an all-expense paid trip to Lancaster, SC.  A truly exciting work trip, to be sure.

    A couple of highlights from the trip…  First, while having dinner at the Six Pence Pub in Fort Mill, SC, I stumbled upon a beer by Skull Coast Brewery, also based in Fort Mill.  [...]