December 2017
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Highland Brewing Little Hump Spring Ale

Highland Brewing Little Hump Spring Ale

Highland Brewing Little Hump Spring Ale

I can’t speak for all beer geeks, but as far as I’m concerned, Highland should stop bottling this as a beer and start packaging it as a perfume. Ladies, if there is a beer geek out there that you’re trying to get the attention of, put a bit of this on your neck and just wait.

Wait, wut? No, I haven’t totally lost my mind. The aroma of this beer really does strike a primal chord in this beer geek. Amarillo, Cascade and a hint of Simcoe from the bittering charge is like the scent of the beer gods to me.

And while I could inhale the aromas of this beer all night, it tastes equally as incredible as it smells. Crisp, clean, with just a hint of hop bitterness at the end. Not at all heavy nor sweet, this is a beer you could easily drink six of while huddled around a spring time firepit. And while I’m not sure of the ABV of this beer, I’d find myself not caring as I kept my nose buried in my glass, lost in the incredible hop aroma. The only thing better would be to find this beer fresh and on tap.

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