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Four Friends Brewing

Four Friends Brewing, Charlotte, NC

Four Friends Brewing, Charlotte, NC

It’s no major secret that when I travel on business, one of the things I like to do is to seek out local breweries and brewpubs and sample their offerings.  Last weekend I found myself back in Charlotte and while checking out the NC beers in the newest Taco Mac, I stumbled upon Four Friends Brewing Queen City Red.  These guys were just getting their brewery up and running last time I was in Charlotte and, as such, I had no luck tracking down their beers.  I’m quite happy I managed to find Queen City Red at Taco Mac or I wouldn’t have taken the time to check out their facility.

As you can see, this isn’t a huge brewery.  I think I can safely say I’ve seen larger convenience stores.  Don’t let the size fool you though, these guys are proof that you don’t need a ginormous brewery to produce excellent beers.  Queen City Red is easily one of the best Irish Reds I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking.  Rich mouthfeel, nice malty sweetness, with just enough hop bitterness to keep the beer from being cloying.  I sampled their other offerings and their Uptown Brown stood out as well.  A bit roastier and more chocolatey than your average brown, but very drinkable.

Sadly, I left my camera in my hotel room, so no glamor shots of the inside of the brewery.  This shot was taken when I stopped by on Monday on my way out of town in a vain attempt to get a couple growlers.  Sadly, according to one of their recent Facebook posts, their tasting room is now closed for the immediate future, which is a shame as it’s somewhat rare to have the opportunity to enjoy sampling a few beers while chatting with the folks who actually brewed them, but should you find yourself in the Charlotte area, look for their beers on tap at most decent beer bars.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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