December 2017
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Return to Titletown

Cleaning the mash tun at Titletown Brewing Company

Normally my posts are more beer-centric.  I like to talk about tasting beer or making beer on the homebrew scale.  Tonight is just a bit different.

See, it’s no major secret to those who know me that I would, given the right circumstances (that will […]

Rob and Amy Invade Athens

Copper Creek Brewing Company

I have been itching to take a road trip to Athens to tour the Terrapin Brewery for a while now.  Given the fact that we’re about 100 miles away from Athens with nary a straight road in between, we’ve always figured that a trip of that magnitude deserved a […]

Visit to Olde Mecklenburg Brewery

First off, sorry, no pictures…  Didn’t want to feel like a bigger dork than I already did, walking out with two kegs, a growler, two t-shirts and glassware…

As previously noted, I’ve been spending some not-so-quality time in South Carolina of late and so have a couple of the guys I work with.  Tom, […]

Visit to Dunedin Brewery

I’ve been doing a bit more business travel in the past year or so but the nature of my trips don’t normally allow me to take in the local sights.  Generally I swoop in Thursday, work all weekend, make sure there are no issues Monday and haul ass home.  Today, however, I found myself […]