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Highland Brewing Little Hump Spring Ale

Highland Brewing Little Hump Spring Ale

I can’t speak for all beer geeks, but as far as I’m concerned, Highland should stop bottling this as a beer and start packaging it as a perfume. Ladies, if there is a beer geek out there that you’re trying to get the attention of, put a […]

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum

There was this one time … at beer camp ….

Yeah, beer camp.  Each year, Sierra Nevada takes submissions from beer lovers around the country who try to convince the powers that be at Sierra Nevada why they should be chosen to spend some time in Chico learning about the […]

Terrapin So Fresh & So Green, Green

Man, it’s been a while, eh?  Seems like the month of October has flown past.  Between moving days, birthday parties, party parties, hockey and head colds, I haven’t had much time to devote to mumbling mindlessly about beer.

Terrapin So Fresh & So Green, Green

Ever since I really started to broaden my […]

Terrapin’s Georgia Theatre Sessions – Double Feature

Terrapin Georgia Theatre Sessions – Double Feature

Another craptastic day at the office means another bomber of beer into my piehole, which generally means another review for everyone to digest.  I’m seriously starting to think that my employer wants me to become a full-time beer journalist.

Back in April, I chronicled the story […]

Smuttynose Baltic Porter

Smuttynose Baltic Porter

Been a while, eh?  Life’s been … busy.

Pulled tonight’s subject out of the stash for my drinking pleasure and, as it hit the shelves in November or December of last year, probably isn’t available anymore.  For that reason, I considered not posting about it, but I figured it was […]

New Holland Dragon's Milk

New Holland Dragon's Milk

On my last road trip to South Carolina, I picked up a couple bombers of beer from breweries that, for some reason, don’t distribute to Georgia.  I had heard of Dragon’s Milk, but had never seen it nor did I have any real inkling of what was inside the […]

Terrapin Monk's Revenge

Terrapin Monk's Revenge

This could almost be subtitled “The Bromance Continues”.

So, what do you get when you take the funk from a Belgian Tripel and toss in a cubic ass-ton of hops?  Meet Terrapin Monk’s Revenge.  Funky and hoppy can indeed co-exist.

Monk’s Revenge was originally offered as Side Project #5 early […]

Sweetwater Sch’wheat

Sweetwater Sch'wheat

In sort of an odd mood tonight, so perhaps I should warn everyone to take this all with a grain of salt.

I’m normally all excited when I get my hands on a new release from any brewery, especially a local brewery, but for some reason this beer started off wrong […]

Terrapin's Georgia Theatre Sessions - The Iron Tankard

The Iron Tankard

Ah…where to begin.  I think it’s safe to say that I’ve gone on and on about Terrapin that either everyone who reads my blog (all four of you) will think I have a man crush on Spike and John.  So … I think I’ll just give a bit of background.


Gordon Ale

Gordon Ale – Oskar Blues

Well, I’m sitting in the living room waiting on the snow to come or, what most folks in North Georgia call “The End of the Friggen World.”  Obviously the world will stop refining oil and making gasoline.  Bread will no longer be baked and cows will suddenly stop […]