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Terrapin/Left Hand Midnight Project – Peaotch

Terrapin/Left Hand Midnight Project – Peaotch

Yeah, yeah, been a bit quiet on this end for a while.  Let’s just sum it all up and attribute it to me being a slacker and move along, k?

So here’s the latest in the series of collaborations between Terrapin Beer Company and Left Hand Brewing, […]

Terrapin’s Georgia Theatre Sessions – Hoptaneous Combustion

Terrapin's Georgia Theatre Sessions – Hoptaneous Combustion

Well, folks, it’s finally time for the fourth and final chapter of Terrapin’s Georgia Theatre Session beers … Hoptaneous Combustion.  One might guess from the name that this beer contains a fair amount of hop flavor and bitterness.  Seeing as it is labeled as a smoked […]

Terrapin’s Georgia Theatre Sessions – Sound Czech

Terrapin Georgia Theatre Sessions – Sound Czech

Sound Czech is the third in the series of Terrapin’s Georgia Theatre Session beers.  If you’ve been a faithful follower of the blog you’ve undoubtedly read the posts about the first and second in the series, The Iron Tankard and Double Feature.  Those posts explain the […]

Three Posts for the Price of One

It’s been a crazy few weeks here and, as you can tell, time to sit at the computer and try to string together coherent thoughts has been in short supply.  So, here’s a condensed recap of what’s been going on…

Terrapin Side Project 13 – Big Daddy Vladdy's

Now I know I tend […]

The Power of Suggestion

First off, a small disclaimer.  When it comes to a bar’s beer selection, I am one of “those guys”.  I am definitely one of those picky beer drinkers who will ask the bartender or bar owner why there isn’t at least one local beer on tap or, if nothing else, at least in bottles.  […]

Terrapin So Fresh & So Green, Green

Man, it’s been a while, eh?  Seems like the month of October has flown past.  Between moving days, birthday parties, party parties, hockey and head colds, I haven’t had much time to devote to mumbling mindlessly about beer.

Terrapin So Fresh & So Green, Green

Ever since I really started to broaden my […]

Terrapin’s Georgia Theatre Sessions – Double Feature

Terrapin Georgia Theatre Sessions – Double Feature

Another craptastic day at the office means another bomber of beer into my piehole, which generally means another review for everyone to digest.  I’m seriously starting to think that my employer wants me to become a full-time beer journalist.

Back in April, I chronicled the story […]

Terrapin Monk's Revenge

Terrapin Monk's Revenge

This could almost be subtitled “The Bromance Continues”.

So, what do you get when you take the funk from a Belgian Tripel and toss in a cubic ass-ton of hops?  Meet Terrapin Monk’s Revenge.  Funky and hoppy can indeed co-exist.

Monk’s Revenge was originally offered as Side Project #5 early […]

Terrapin's Georgia Theatre Sessions - The Iron Tankard

The Iron Tankard

Ah…where to begin.  I think it’s safe to say that I’ve gone on and on about Terrapin that either everyone who reads my blog (all four of you) will think I have a man crush on Spike and John.  So … I think I’ll just give a bit of background.


Terrapin Hopsecutioner

Terrapin Hopsecutioner

I often find myself going through “taste phases” when it comes to beer.  One month I really crave a stout, next month I want a simple malty beer, then something hoppy the month after that.  It never fails that as I transition from one phase to the next I inevitably leave […]